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Anxiety Treatment At Home – How To End Attacks

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Anxiety Treatment At Home:  Ways On How To End Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Anxiety Treatment At HomeWhen somebody suddenly experience symptoms like flushing skin, racing heart, chest pain and difficulty in breathing, there is a high chance that you are experiencing anxiety or panic attack. This disorder will usually make the person feel like they are going to faint, crazy or die, but in reality, you are not. And the best way to survive this disorder is that you will need to learn the techniques to get past an episode.  You can even do anxiety treatment at home and practice. Even though this techniques are quite simple, you have to keep in mind that it takes some time to get used to it and be able to have unlimited activities and end anxiety attacks and panic attacks.

Accept The Disorder

Most people who suffer from this disorder eventually realize that they have a powerful idea that can help stop the disorder. But having sheer will alone is not the ideal way to fight it. The best way to overcome it is by simply noticing the symptoms and accepting that an episode is at hand.  As I mentioned earlier, you can practice this  anxiety treatment at home. If you really think about it, all episodes that happened will eventually stop after some time. Even though this feat is very challenging, especially for people who are experiencing it for the first time, you will sooner or later get the idea of what to expect.

Take Notes

Once you get the idea that an episode is at hand, writing down the symptoms and thoughts you felt during the episode can help you put things in to perspective and end anxiety attacks and panic attacks. Many people doesn’t realize that one of the ways to worsen anxiety and turn it into an episode is by looking at those symptoms in a terrifying way. If you are able to write them down, you will be able to prevent thinking about the very worst thing that can happen.

Deep Breathing

Shortness of breath is one of the most common symptom that shows during an episode. And one of the worst things you can do is taking short, shallow breaths. Instead, you should stay calm and take deep breathes. It is even better if as soon as an episode begin to manifest, focusing on long, deep exhalation and inhalation and loosening your shoulders make your belly rise and fall is a great exercise to end anxiety attacks and panic attacks.

Be Relaxed

It’s true that saying “just relax” is easier said than done, but once you begin to see the symptoms of the episode, some parts of your body will start to clench. Making a conscious effort to relax and tighten those body parts can help in minimizing the symptoms. Of course, those body parts will not easily obey your commands during an episode. It would be best to start on the body parts that responds to you like your shoulders or toes.


One of the most important methods to end anxiety attacks and panic attacks is reminding yourself loudly that the episode will end soon and it doesn’t really harm you. By simply stating truths like you will not faint since blood pressure doesn’t drop during an episode can greatly help in battling this disorder.  This is another best way to do  anxiety treatment at home.

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