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Panic Attacks Causes – Four Methods To Stop Panic and Anxiety Attacks

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Panic Attacks Causes and the Four Methods To Stop Panic and Anxiety Attacks Before It’s Too Late

Panic Attacks CausesIt is a fact that panic or anxiety attacks are very common when a person suddenly feel a burst of fear and anxiety. Get the facts on panic attacks causes before it’s too late.  The most common reason why this happens is because it is the body’s natural reflexes in a fight or flight situation that subconsciously triggers your physiological reflexes. Additionally, one of the physical reflexes also include stimulation of the adrenal hormone by your adrenal glands that releases adrenalin that can ensure your survival during a life or death situation and end anxiety attacks and panic attacks when triggered appropriately. While this reaction can be very helpful, this can also cause trouble especially when a person has a low trigger threshold or slow recovery from an episode. But with the following tips, you can give these irritating reactions a run for its money.

Method 1

One of the best ways to put an end to anxiety attacks and panic attacks before it even begins is to breathe and relax. Panic attacks causes can wreak havoc in our lives.  When you feel that you are going to have an episode, the first thing you should do is to relax your muscles by trying to tense up an area of your body like your face, shoulders, arms or toes for a few seconds and then relax them. Also, you should make sure that you focus on your deep, long breathes to stop the episode immediately.

Method 2

Another good method to end anxiety attacks and panic attacks is to change your atmosphere or circumstance at the onslaught of an episode because it can sometimes stop it from happening. If you feel that an episode is about to happen, drink a cold glass of water, sing a song, tell yourself a good joke or do whatever you need to stop the negative thoughts that can start the episode. Find out what panic attacks causes you encounter most and learn to fight back.  And if you find something effective, you can use it next time to prevent the episode from starting.

Method 3

One thing that you need to keep in mind to end anxiety attacks and panic attacks is do not avoid the places or situations that you might think that can trigger an episode. If you continue on doing this, you run the risk of having an agoraphobia where you avoid places or situations where you experience fear. And because of the frequency of the episodes you might learn to avoid so many places that you become restricted to safe zones and become fearful of the outside world. The best way to treat this is to go back to the places of fear with higher self-confidence and new-found knowledge that it cannot really hurt you.

Method 4

Another very useful way in treating this disorder is to make a journal. Write down the specific strategies you did that helped you prevent the episode in the past. If you feel that an episode is about to happen, you can refer to your journal to help you gain put things in to perspective. Just make sure that this journal is readily available where ever you go so that no matter when or where an episode will happen you can end anxiety attacks and panic attacks immediately.

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